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Earn $100k And More A Year  In Income 

 Profitable Affiliate Referral Program 

We’ve Checked All The Boxes To Help You Build  Unlimited Income & Learn


Social Media Marketing & Automation


Email Funnel Systems and Trigger Automation


Websites, Landing Pages & Lead Capture


Chatbots and Facebook Messenger Marketing


SMS and Text Marketing


Mobile App Marketing

EASY MAKE Affiliate Referral System Is the Most Comprehensive & Profitable Referral Network On the Internet 

What are Members Saying About Easymake Systems
When you begin you program with easymakesocial, it is going to open you up to a plethora of opportunities within our easy make system. Utilizing easymakesocial is going to give you the foundation you need to have the confidence to continue to engage the market in other areas. Just like I was five years ago when I first started with social media, you are going to learn  that when you build trust and value with your clients that they will be willing to allow you to handle other areas of their digital marketing. Listen to what others are saying about their experience with us.

Why Social Media

Social Media Is  Now Part Of Our Social DNA
  • Digital consumers spend nearly 2.5 hours on social networks and social messaging every day.
  • 69% of U.S. adults use at least one social media site.
  • The average American Internet user has 7.1 social media accounts.
  • 88% of American 18- to 29-year-old use social media.
  • 51% of 18- to 24-year-old say social media would be hard to give up.

Know The Facts Find The Cash!

Increase In Social Media Spending
Global social media advertising spending increased 32% in 2018.

That spending is predicted to grow an additional 73% in the next five years.

Facebook’s advertising revenue was more than $55 billion in 2018. For Q4 2018, 93% of that ad revenue came from mobile ads.

Instagram brought in an estimated $6.84 billion in mobile advertising in 2018, up from $3.64 billion in 2017.

Twitter’s advertising revenue was 2.6 billion in 2018, an increase of 25% over 2017.

In 2018, YouTube generated $3.6 billion in video ad revenues in the U.S. alone, up 17.1% from 2017

Pinterest is expected to bring in $771.4 million in U.S. ad revenues in 2019, an increase of 39.4% over 2018.

Snapchat made an estimated $660 million in U.S. ad revenues in 2018, up 18.7% from 2017.


Become the resource that companies are willing to spend thousands of dollars monthly to help maintain their social media  presence.

Businesses Are Hiring Social Media Managers & Experts

  • Social media marketing is no longer optional for small businesses.
  • With so many platforms to manage, business owners are being forced to change the way they operate.
  • They are hiring social media marketing managers and using time-saving tools to help manage and schedule their posts with automation.

We Will Provide Training to Ensure Your  Success

Learn proven strategies to create income. Even passive residual income.


  • Complete Course On Understanding Social Media
  • Email Swipes and Automation Scripts
  • Pre- Written Proposals
  • Strategy and Implementation Training Guides
  • Client Mission and Goal Mapping Strategy
Social Media Training Modules
The key to developing a strong social media agency is having the ability to understand the dynamics of social media, and how to position it to build brand credibility in the market.

This sample module provides you with a sneak peak into the training library and resource center.  With this program you will either enhance your understanding of Social Media Marketing, or you will develop new skills that leverages you as an expert in the industry.

Private Member Area Access

With your membership, you will have access to a private member’s area. Your member’s area contains all the necessary resources to help you to  get the most from your easymakesocial agency account.  Whether you wan to learn how to  setup your social agency website or utilize facebook messenger email swipes,  our team has left no stone unturned to ensure as a member you will have what you need to establish a  successful social agency.



Multiple Social Media Accounts

Able to import and manage  150 social media profiles

Auto Reply

Allows you to set comment auto reply and comment private reply.

Bulk Messaging

Send bulk message to your Messenger leads

Complete Social Media Poster

Create a sound strategy with the ability to  utilize different post types to mix your messaging

Step By Step Training on How To Use Easymakesocial

In your member’s area you will have access to training series that will help you to learn how to use the Easymakesocial application.  The training will provide video tutorials on:


  1. Setting Up and Getting Started
  2. How to Connect Your Social Profiles
  3. How to Post and Schedule Post
  4. Creating An Auto Comment and Auto Reply Campaign
  5. How to Generate Messenger Leads
  6. and more…..

Post Types

Text/Image/Video/Link Post/CTA

Has the feature of posting to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Send Bulk Message

Has the feature of sending BULK messages without app approval.

Auto Private Reply

Has the feature of sending auto replies into your post’s commenters inbox.

Auto Comment Reply

Has the feature of sending auto reply to your post’s commenters comments.

Messenger Lead Generation

Create subscriber list to market  promotions and services

Where and How We Post

  • Supported social media posting : Facebook, Twitter,  Linkedin
  • Text Post : Facebook Page, Twitter, Linkedin
  • Image Post : Facebook Page, Twitter, Linkedin
  • Link Post : Facebook Page, Twitter, Linkedin
  • Video Post : Facebook Page, Twitter
  • Ability to schedule campaign
  • Post preview & campaign report

Bonus One- Access To EasyMakeWebsite  for only $2 annually for your website hosting

One Click Ready Made Social Agency Website
You will hit the ground running with your Social Agency Website.  You are in full control of all the features and will have the ability to customize it  however  you like.

  • Add Unlimited Pages
  • Add Videos
  • Add Blogs
  • Add Article
  • Create Photo Galleries
  • Create Lead Capture Forms
  • Free SSL Certificate

Bonus Two- Get Busy Social Strategy Kit


Social Media Strategy Packs provides a  head start on a  social  engagement strategy

  • Motivational Post
  • Jokes and Riddles
  • What Would You Rather
  • Did You Know Facts
  • Landmarks
  • Recipes

The Social Strategy Kit provides a resource for positioning daily post while eliminating time factors.

Bonus Three- Ready To Use Niche Local Market Facebook Social Covers

Facebook  business pages social covers are the unique billboards to every business profile page.  The social media covers will provide Call To Action  covers to increase engagement and  conversion for lead generation.   Social Coves  include:

  • Dentists
  • Home Remodeling Contractors
  • Day Cares
  • Bakers
  • Hair Salon and Spa
  • Fitness
  • Chiropractors
  • And More…..

Earn $97  Each By Providing Businesses  With  Engaged Social Covers.

Auto Repair

Hair Salon



Bonus Four- Access to

Utilize Easymakegraphics to create stunning graphics  for your business or your client’s business.  With easymakegraphics, you can create logos, facebook covers and newsfeed post, instagram post, and much more. With this bonus you can establish an additional revenue stream by creating graphics for your clients.

We’ve Made It Easy To Schedule Engagement Post With Our Strategy Pack  By Following 3 Simple Steps:

Upload Post

Schedule Post Strategy
Share Post

Know What to Post and When To Post It!

Post Like A Pro!

The Social Strategy Pack takes the guess work out of what to post on what day. Social Media posting are made up of two post types. Type One: Is the Random Post and Type Two: Are Discipline Post.  We have you covered with your discipline post that makes it easier to engage your social media to help keep your social pages active.

Normal Rate $97a month Start Today For only $47 yr

Cancel anytime. No questions asked



No. Not Right Now.  During our private-membership sale, we’re waiving our monthly fee.  You will only be responsible for your annual subscription at your signup membership rate.

Is there any additional, required fees to make this work?

No. We are providing Easymakesocial as signup and go software application. There are no additional software or any fees at all to get the most out of Easymakesocial.  Once you import your social media profile accounts into the easymakesocial app, you can start posting, engaging and capturing leads.

Do you provide step by step training on how to use Easymakesocial

Absolutely! We take great responsible and pride in providing easy to use software.  We provide tutorials that will help you to get the most out of the software. You can access the training through a private member’s area. If you still need help, send a support ticket and our friendly staff is eager to assist you.

Is There An Upsell

No.  Not in the way you are thinking.  You do not have to participate in any upsell to get the most  out of EasyMakeSocial.   We do provide additional plan options, that include more profiles,  but you don’t have to purchase those plans.  We are providing you with 150 social media profiles to use with your VIP member account with no limits on the features included in Easymakesocial. What you see is what you will receive.  We may send notices  about  other suites of services we offer in the Easymake  brand, but all of those are optional and stand alone products.

What If I Am Not Satisfied With Your Product?

We’d be sorry to see you go, and would like to do everything possible to make you happy with our services. However, we understand that not everyone will be satisfied with our web application.  We provide a three day cancellation refund period, for any buyer’s remorse.  We understand the shiny object syndrome.   Simply cancel your membership by sending us an email at support and we will discontinue your subscription immediately. You are under no obligation to remain with our services.