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Utilize the Easy Make Business Systems To Build Your Own Digital Agency. 

Your Earning Potential Is Unlimited Once You Understand How To Leverage Digital  Concepts


Websites, Landing Pages, Lead Capture

Set up websites or landing pages for clients  and charge $300  and up plus hosting fees. Add unlimited clients. Manage clients through personal web portal.


Social Media Marketing & Automation

Manage clients social accounts. Create posting strategies.  Set up, ecommerce stores and earn $399 a month or more per client.  Manage up to 500 social media clients.


Email, Trigger Automation, Funnel System

Build out email funnel systems, create automations and email marketing campaigns. Average setup per client $1500.00. Send unlimited email campaigns. Store up to 10,000 emails contacts.


Facebook Messenger Chatbot Lead Generation

Implement facebook lead capture systems, and set up chatbots to help businesses to remain engaged. Average setup for chatbot marketing $2500 and up set up plus $500 a month. Create up to 500 Messenger Bot Clients


SMS and Text Marketing

Send out text/sms messages for your clients to their clients for special offers, upcoming events,  or special announcements.  Charge $150 or more per campaign. Manage up to 500 SMS Clients. 

When You Become A Member of EMARS  You Will Have The Power of  Possiblity at Your Fingertips From A Single Dashboard

You Will Have Access to Share, Promote, or Utilize EMBS Application Suite